On The Roster | JW Anderson x Converse + Sneaker Unboxing

There was a phase when I all I wanted to wear were converse sneakers. It was the period where I was part of an all-girl band, playing guitar back in the Philippines. I took a few years off being the sporty little girl that I was back in Macau and took on a punk-rock attitude while lashing out on my parents for no particular reason. I guess a change of scene and circle of friends does that to a teenage girl. Back then, all my peers were wearing beat-up converses and I wondered while all I ever wore back in Macau were Nike Air Force 1s and Adidas Superstars. So I traded the bulky classics for some edgy Chucks and they were all I ever wore then.

A few years later, still boyish than ever but with my personal style now more defined, I know now not stick to wearing just one particular sneaker silhouette or brand. But it's great to invest in a classic pair of sneakers, the kind that will never go out of style. And while I did go back to wearing Air Force's and Superstars, I know to include in my collection some elevated version of the classic high-cut Chucks. This particular pair is a limited edition pair from the JW Anderson x Collaboration collection, currently on my feet and constantly on repeat. Essentially the newer version of Chucks where the platform is higher and sole thicker, this pair has become one of my go-to pairs to wear with nearly everything. Next to my CDG Play x Converse pair, they are super comfortable as they are versatile. I kind of regret not getting them in red as well but perhaps if I get the chance to find the red ones sometime in the future, I'll make sure to cop a pair too.

I made an unboxing video sometime after I received these pair in the mail so if you'd like to see how they look like up close, watch the video below.