Styling DIY Cropped Tops | Lookbook Video

I'm in this point of time in my life where I'm beginning to think about my priorities and what truly matters, not that I never had my priorities straight but you know, as we get older, our priorities shift and what I used to think is important to me just doesn't seem to be the same. This is such a deep topic that will require several posts in order for me to fully discuss what I mean but for now, let this be a backstory to why I have this Styling DIY cropped tops posts.

If you're an OG reader of this blog, you'd know that I used to do a lot of DIYs and somewhere along my overall growth, that was kinda lost. Now that I'm in the process of cleaning my life, let's call it that if you will, I went through (and still going through) several decluttering session which began with my closet. A lot of the items I decluttered, I have either donated to our local charity or sold those items that are still sellable. But I was still left with a bunch of items that I wasn't comfortable in selling nor donating. So what do I do then? Dust off my DIY skills and put them to work.

Honestly, DIYing isn't as hard as it might sound specially in the era of buzzfeed. There's literally thousands of videos telling you how to DIY certain things, clothing hacks, etc. In my case, what I did with my tees are really a no-brainer. This tee in particular, I pretty much just chopped off the bottom part turning what was once an oversize tee to a cropped one. Who doesn't love a breezy cropped top? Satisfied with the result, I went ahead and did the same to the other tees that I had on hand. I styled them in a short lookbook video that I uploaded on my youtube channel, ultimately the video at the end of this post so if you care to watch, by all means please do so.

Now, the said tees, I purposely cropped them really short because I like the idea of layering it with something else underneath. It gives off such an edgy vibe without really doing much. Plus, this is a good way wear layers in the Summer. In this outfit, I chose to layer with a basic tank top but if you prefer something more of a "baddie" vibe, perhaps layer with a bralet or sports bra like what I did in this post.

Now, in the video, you'll also see two other DIYed cropped tops that required a bit of work. I wasn't sure if I should have included a tutorial (post or video) but in any case, if you're interested to see how I did them, leave a comment below or in the comment section of the video, or DM me on Instagram, doesn't really matter how, just let me know in any way possible and I'll try to come up with the materials to show you guys.

For now, hope ya'll enjoy the video and enjoy the rest of the week!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Tee : Polo Ralph Lauren, DIY][Skirt : Zara][Sneakers : Adidas Yeezy][Bag : Ross][Tank Top : H&M]