Dressed for a Wedding | GRWM VLOG

Not your typical outfit of the day kinda entry but we already took the photos so for the fun of it, why not share these with ya'll as well. 

These were taken on the day of Penguin's cousins' wedding in Barcelona. Call time to the church was at 1PM but we got ready a little earlier than expected. Penguin took out his camera to play around and have a little fun shoot with his nephews. It ended up with nearly all of us in the apartment taking turns in posing in front of his lens for a proper portrait. For a new social media profile picture, if you will. Can't really blame everyone for cleaning up well. I even got Penguin to pose as well, which he rarely ever does when he's in formal wear.

In all honesty, I am not particularly fond of this dress; I just find the length a little odd for my frame, plus the sequin embellishment is just a tad too itchy. But I think it pulled through and I managed to detach from it without any red skin patch. I also managed to make it pret-a-porter with this Cheap Monday shirt-dress that I covered up with all day. Bet you couldn't tell the dress underneath is in fact the official bridesmaid's dress. Indeed, it was. And I changed into my wedding-guest dress at the reception that night.

Anyhow, the rest of the images taken on that day were posted on Instagram (@misscarlaviolet), albeit there wasn't much. It was an unplugged ceremony so majority of us had little to do with our phones during the ceremony and up to the reception. Surprisingly, I liked it; just being the moment and absorbing everything around me. It was refreshing. Perhaps when I get married, it will be an unplugged ceremony too. But that's for another discussion sometime in the future. For now, I leave you with this set and wish you a blessed weekend!


Photos by Pierre Elma and Yours Truly