Chatuchak Weekend Market | A Visual Explosion

Welcome to my new life in Bangkok, an endless wandering into the many markets and malls, bazaars, and night markets of Bangkok. Naturally, the first one I tried to tackle on my own was the very famous Chatuchak market. I'm not even going to try and explain to you what it's all about. Google it if you will, I'm sure there's thousands of articles out there telling you all about it (or send me a message if you're really keen). But here, I'll share with you a visual explosion of the fanfare and beautiful chaos that makes up Chatuchak. No further explanation needed.

Be advised, this is not the first time you've seen this on the blog if you're and OG reader. And is certainly not the last too, now that I reside in Bangkok. Take this as a fair warning to many more posts like this as I explore the ins and outs of the land of smiles.

Have a great weekend, ya'll!


Photos by Yours Truly