Week in Outfits

Checking in with this week's outfit recap (sort of). Once again, I'm back with my dear old friend, self-timer. She's a pain but does all the work for me when I need them so can't really complain about that. The great thing is that there's plenty of cool spaces around my neighbourhood if you know how to look and appreciate them. I love a beautiful chaos and that's what we're all about here.

I've nothing much to say but since it's Thanksgiving Weekend, I'll take this time to be thankful for being alive and well. I want to thank whoever still read these posts no matter how uninteresting and pointless they are. After all theses years, I'm still here sharing whatever I can with ya'll, able to try new experiences, maintain old habits, create, improve, be inspired - those are reasons to be thankful for. 

Won't get overly dramatic so let's leave it at that. I hope ya'll have an amazing weekend with your loved ones!

Photos by Pierre Elma and Yours Truly