Hipster Vibes at The Commons Thonglor

The Commons Thonglor

The Commons Thonglor

The Commons Thonglor

 A month in and I think Ive pretty much done rounded most of the street markets in Bangkok. I'm now on the hunt for chill spots that I can frequent on weekends; places that won't require me to walk a lot but still where I can see people because let's be honest, while I'm starting to like living out here, it gets lonely. I'm so used to having Penguin just a phone call away and we'd do everything together. It doesn't get better in a short time so what is there to do but distract myself, which should be easy so long as it involves spending but I'm shying away from impulsive shopping as well (and mind you, I've so far resisted the pull better than expected, save for a few pieces I bought online but I'll get to that in another post). Entertaining myself without shopping involved? I guess it comes down to a nice hipster place where I can just sit and wonder; read a book perhaps, or go about with my digital wanderings.

A bit of research led me to this cool spot that I wish I'd known about a lot sooner. This place, called the Commons, is uber hipster and just downright cool that I can spend all day there just lounging around. It's mostly a dining space, offering a range of items from burgers to lobster sandwiches to poke bowls from curated vendors. It's located in an up and coming district in Bangkok called Thonglor, which, by now I've come to know as the place to be in if you're looking for artisan cafes, concept restaurants, and swanky bars. Penguin and I make it a point to visit such places whenever we travel so it's such a bummer that I didn't know about this sooner. Oh well. There will be a next time!

Of course I dressed the part of "hipster vibes" with the most hipster getup I could pull from the closet that I currently have. It's still not my closet back in Macau but my mom was so kind enough to bring over a couple more pieces from my wardrobe back home when she and my dad came over to visit two weeks ago. And then I got this pair of Burberry-esque trousers from the Chatuchak market, no less. It was being sold for only 350baht! How could I resist?

Anyway, speaking of Chatuchak Market, my VLOG is coming along and soon it will be up on the YT channel so stay tuned this week! In the meantime, I leave you with this set. Talk again soon!


Photos by Yours Truly

[Tee : The Kyle Shop][Trousers : Chatuchak Weekend Market][Sneakers : Vans][Sunnies : H&M][Bag : MCM]