Feeling Blue | Haulbook Video

Contrary to this post's title, I'm feeling quite the opposite of blue. Today I had the most productive day (and mind you, it's Friday); waking up early to start the day with a proper cardio, followed by a healthy homemade banana oat breakfast. And that just left me feeling all energetic throughout the day. I mean, I did after all promise to take care of my body better this year as one of my unwritten New Year resolutions so I guess great start? Let's see how long I can keep this up but pray longer that the 6 months I did when I started this whole lifestyle change thing 2 years ago but you know what, I keep getting back to it and I think that per se is already progress so... I'm thinking positive.

Anyway, not much to write about unless I start ranting about Bangkok's current weather which is nearly mimicking Macau's humid stickiness. Let's not even start. As much as I'd like to stay outdoors on my spare time, I can't last an hour or so without retreating to an indoor space with much needed air conditioning. Luckily, there's plenty of air-conditioned malls in the city and I'm always ever just in Siam area so I can hop from one to another.

Speaking of Siam, I think it's safe to say I've explored most of the pop-up street markets around the area and acquired a few articles of clothing for myself while at it. In fact, I have a new haulbook video to show for it and if you care to see what stuff I got, scroll to the bottom of this post or better yet, head to my Youtube channel and subscribe while you're at it (I know my posting is still inconsistent since I moved here but I'm getting there, just hang tight). Anyway, one those items is this blue blouse that I'm wearing here.

I absolutely love this top's silhouette and the wrap detail - it's very flattering on my body type. I had a similar top in pink (pictured here) that I loved to so much and thought it would be great to have another similar one in a different colour.

As always, where my style is involved, balance (or should I say juxtaposition in this case) is key. And since this is quite a feminine top, its only right to pair it with a boyish pair of straight-cut jeans and sneakers. Finish of with some statement sunglasses et voila, ready to combat Bangkok's heat (like I'd win, pff.)

Anyway, I'm dozing off while typing so I better call it a night and head to bed now. Until my next!


[Jeans : Pull & Bear][Sneakers : Vans][Sunglasses : Sunnies Studios][Top from a local Street Market]