Hi Ya'll, Happy New Year! I'm a little late on the greetings, I know but what can I say? Between Bangkok, Macau, and Jeju, there was really little time for me to shoot, sit down, edit, and type up posts.

My brothers came to visit me in the land of smiles over the Christmas holidays and I was juggling time being in the office during mornings and taking them out to places within the city at night. Then the weekends were saved for longer out of town excursions a.k.a. the beach. I had in mind to shoot and film but living in the moment took over that I merely brought out my camera. I did however manage to take a few snapshots which will be up here soon enough so stay tuned.

Then came my short trip back home to Macau for the New Year festivities. With just a bittersweet 4 days and no time to waste, all I wanted to do was spend time with my family and dear Penguin eating, catch up with the rest of the family, drinking, and being merry. Between that, Pierre and I did however manage to shoot once and show my love to Michael and 5Preview by way of this oversize bomber jacket-coat. Is that what this is called? I've no clue but one thing I know is that this kept me warm and cozy throughout my stay. Gosh, how I missed winter.

Speaking of winter, Macau was followed by a short work trip to Jeju, essentially completing what I call my winter escape. I was expecting Jeju being an island and all that, was going to be much colder than Macau. Well, from a temperature perspective, yes it was a few degrees lower. But the wind was a different story. Add to that the strong heater that took over the entirety of the resort I was staying and all I needed was a light jacket after all. But anyway, I did get to use the leather jacket that I brought with me for at least one day so it wasn't a complete waste.

But now, I am now back in sunny Bangkok, fully re-energised and ready to take on the new year. There's so much for me to be excited about this year, work-wise. There will be lots of moving around involved which is pretty nerve-racking but if you look at it with an open eye, it's really an adventure waiting to be had.  But I don't want to get ahead of myself and overshare. After all, a lot of things can go wrong in the process so better keep my mouth shut for now. Until then, you know ya'll be in the know one way or another, in time or even late but still, I never forget about this blog no matter how busy I get so yes, you're always going to be with me.

I hope ya'll are having an amazing start of the year. Cheers to old ways and new discoveries!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Coat : 5Preview][Shirt Dress : 3.3 Field Trip][Dress : Cheap Monday]