Tropical Dream

Living with a semi-capsule closet gets you creative in finding various ways to wear whatever pieces you have. Fortunately my years of style blogging taught me to curate versatile pieces that I can mix and match any day so it's safe to say I got the whole thing down pat. Case in point, this outfit which I am wearing the exact same overalls from my previous post. Wore the slings down with a different top and different coloured hat, and voila, a new outfit is born.

Wore this to explore the Ratchathewi district of Bangkok where I found this lush greenery which is essentially the back of the famous Jim Thompson House. I was supposed to go in but I peep through the gates and it was swarming with tourists so I decided otherwise and instead lingered behind the scene, by the river, and took these photos. I think the giant leaves already made for a perfect backdrop to this outfit anyway so I need not look for another spot.

It's a slow week work-wise but I'm hoping to be able to be more productive in the coming days. Life in general, I'm doing alright. Went on another road trip over the weekend, a longer one at that where we stayed overnight to explore Khao Yai. I'll share visuals soon enough but if you'd like a peep, go follow me on Instagram (@misscarlaviolet) to watch my stories and see the relevant travel posts.

For now, I leave you here. Talk again soon!


Photos by Yours Truly

[Top and Hat : Local Night Market][Overalls : Dr. Denim][Sneakers : Vans][Sunnies : Sunnies Studios]


  1. Your styling is very cool. I like this!
    I like reading your blog posts very much. I wish you good luck in managing the blog so well.


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