Jeju Shinwa World Winter Escape

Holy! I cannot believe it's been two weeks since I last wrote here. That's a record set! Let's be clear, I have not abandoned this blog. I repeat. Not! I've just been so caught up with work these days that I barely even have time to pluck my eyebrows. That's how hectic it's been. Not that I'm complaining. Working with amazing people and getting things done feels so rewarding and that's partially why I do like my current job at the moment despite it keeping me away from dear old Macau. I'm in South Korea, by the way, in case you wonder. Have been for a week now but since I got here, it's just been work, work, work, and work. 

Anyway, enough of the excuses, really just wanted to post these images that I took from my last Jeju visit, which was two months ago (can't believe this post has been sitting among the drafts for that long). It was much colder back then and I loved it. I was hoping it would be similar this time around but meh. I really missed winter this year.

There's really nothing much to update. I don't have a social life at the moment other than the occasional post-work drink with my colleagues out here. If that's even considered a social life. But again, not complaining. I'm just happy to see all the I hard work I put in to this current event I'm coordinating is coming to fruition. Few more days to go!

For now, I'll have to disappear until I'm back in Bangkok with my normal schedule.