Bali Beach Bum

I'm not one to usually keen having my photos taken while in a swimsuit or bikini, not that I don't like wearing them when on vacation or anything. To be honest, I do have a lot of insecurities about my body which may not seem very obvious to ya'll but within, they scream at me. Very loudly. I'm on a very long journey of accepting all my flaws which is I try to stay healthy as much as I can; you know, eating clean and all. But I'm human and food is life, so sporadically is how I would describe my consistency in sticking to it. If that even makes sense.

Anyhow, I was feeling great when we were in Bali. Perhaps it was because the weeks leading to our trip, I was in fact eating as healthy as I could. I was tracking my macros and mostly cooking my own meals. Sometimes even if what I do don't show results physically, it does affect my mental health in a good way. That feeling of satisfaction knowing that I'm doing something right for my body is enough to give me confidence and think less of my insecurities. 

So here we are, me on the beach, purposefully posing in front the camera on a swimsuit without feeling the need to hide anything. Body-shame all you want if you will, I'm feeling great so I ain't hearing any of it =)

Anyhow, looking at these photos make me miss the sun, sea, sand. And nature. I can't wait to go back to Bali, or find another tropical paradise where I can frolic around and bask underneath the glorious sun. But I think that will take another few months or so because starting this weekend, I'll be on a series of short and long trips until the end of May for work. It's good. But it's also no good. But I'm going to make the most out of it as I go because why complain when it's free?

I just want to be able to go back home for a while after all these so praying, hoping, that I'll be spared some time in the Summer to go back to may dear old little Macau for some home time. Let's aim for that, shall we?

Talk to ya'll again soon!


Photos by Pierre Elma