Pink Trousers and Graphic Shirt

Hola! Look who's back from the dead! Ha! Seriously though, that's exactly how I feel right now - like a zombie.

I just got back from a long work trip to London, a very exhausting one at that, right after which I went straight to Hua Hin for a mini-vacation for Penguin's birthday. Again, not complaining about the fact that I am constantly traveling but god does it take a toll on my overall health. I am now in a state that I call recovery mode and the truth is, am not doing so well in it.

My body is physically back in Kuala Lumpur but my mind is still in London, and my head and soul are in Macau. I need to reconnect all of my beings and be in one place at the same time. A trip back home would be good for starters and am praying that I can arrange one very, very soon.

These photos were taken the last time I was there and I can't believe it's been nearly 3 months gone since. I've missed blogging; typing away my feelings and senseless rants while trying to look cute in 'fits and all. 

The rest of the year is looking positive though. We've got no big events lined up until the end of the year, plus a company trip is in the works. I hear it's going to be on an exotic island somewhere in Southeast Asia. Knowing the company's "sky is the limit" motto, it's bound to be a real treat =)

Enough about life, let's talk about this 'fit that I've shared allover Instagram before I completely forgot that I had a set of images ready to be published in this little corner of the blogosphere.

My mom bought me these trousers, something that I'd never buy myself but ended up loving it completely. I've been wearing it nonstop two months ago right when I got them, to a point that my housemate asked if I still changed pants at all. They are just super comfy. It made me realize I have taste issues - not that I don't trust my fashion taste, heck I like to think I have great taste. But too often I pick out basic pieces that are "cool" or have an edge; or statement pieces that really stand out, that I overlook the simple stuff that is useful for everyday use. Oh well.

So anyway, I wore these trousers with this oversize shirt that I borrowed (without permission) from my brother. I was going for that soft hip-hop kinda look plus the graphics on the tee went so well with the millennial pink color of my trousers so, why not.

Well non-existent online friends, thanks for your time. This is all I got for now until my next post who knows when. Promise, it will be sooner than later?



Photos by Pierre Elma

[Trousers : Bershka][Sneakers : JW Anderson x Converse][Shirt : Borrowed]