Chasing Sunsets and Coconuts in Port Dickson | VLOG

I managed to get the video out in time, yay!!! So as mentioned in my previous post, I vlogged our little weekend getaway and it's up on youtube now for your viewing pleasure.

We went to the night market at Pasar Malam Batu 4 (they call it the weekend night market), which was... an experience. It wasn't unpleasant, just a different and I mentioned the reason why on the video so go watch it if you please (yes, I'm blatantly self-promoting at the moment!); after which we found the Port Dickson beach just right across the market on our first afternoon.

The following day was our beach day which is the day we went to Teluk Kemang beach. We had reservations on getting our swimsuits on seeing that most of the visitors are Muslims that barely anyone was wearing swimsuits. I ended up wearing shorts over my one-piece to swim and do water activities.

Speaking of, there are loads of water activities at this beach. And being there already, of course, Clark and I had to try one or two. We were able to capture bits of it which, obviously is also in the vlog. Then we just spent some time trying local snacks.

On our last day, we were running low on cash so we decided to skip the other beaches and head straight to KL. But not after having another round of Milo Kepal (a local dessert that we came to love), and some streetside brunch.

Again, not much to say as I'd rather you watched the video so here we are. Hope you enjoy it, make sure to give it a thumbs up if you do and subscribe puh-leaseeee!