Port Dickson Weekend Beach Getaway

Back in KL after a pretty acceptable length of stay in Macau fully recharged and rejuvenated! I'm now ready to take on new adventures once again. But as we are still experiencing downtime with work, and with the recent long weekend holidays in Malaysia, Clark and I found ourselves googling the nearest beach accessible from KL for a short weekend girls getaway.

After skimming through a couple of blogs, we came across Port Dickson which quite frankly is not the best of beaches there is but... it's the closest we got. Being from Macau where we don't necessarily require a driving license and all, both of us don'r drive. And so our best option is to take grab out to the nearest destination we could find.

Booked our room in OYO 1000 Mesra Boutique Hotel on a Friday, packed an overnighter, and we were set for a Saturday afternoon drive. It took around 2 hours and RM180 until we reached tho town proper where checked in to our hotel. Alas, it wasn't the best. In our defence, we did want to book a different hotel but it was full for the weekend. This was the second option which we didn't do much research on so. You get pay you pay for. 

I won't talk much about it as I'd rather you watch because yes, I did VLOG while we were there. The video is in the works and will be up this weekend on the YT channel so stay tuned! In the meantime, here I am sharing some of the snaps we took at the beach.

So there are several beaches in Port Dickson and we initially planned on visiting a couple of them. Conveniently, the one closest to our hotel was apparently the most popular one (and the most populated one at that too) - Pantai Teluk Kemang. I'd originally wanted to visit another beach called Cahaya Negeri which according to reviews was pretty quiet and picturesque. Found out later it's a 15km drive out of the town proper so it's a good thing we didn't push for it. We ended up just spending one full day in Teluk Kemang mainly because of the water activities. 

Clark and I did two water activities - one I know is called fly-fish wherein you lay flat and hold on to this inflatable thing and get pulled by a speedboat; and the other one is similar except that this one we were sitting down. It's safe to say the ride out our muscles to the test as we held on for our dear lives. But it was ill in good fun. It's been a very long time that I did water activities that I already forgot how much fun it was.

The rest of the day, we just lounged in our cheaply bought straw mats that we bought from one of the beach stalls, and basked under the hazy sun in between sampling local desserts (Milo addiction in the form of kepal, anyone?) and jumping into the water for a good soak. I'd say swim but in fact we didn't swim at all. How could you when the water is dark and the waves too strong? 

 I've one more set of images coming up and with that I will tell you more about this little trip. For now, I leave you with this set and a reminder that the video log for this will be up on my youtube channel this weekend!

Hope you're having an amazing week!


Photos by Yours Truly