Take it back to the beginning!

I'm currently in Macau, enjoying a full 10 days off; free of work and responsibilities and I couldn't be happier. Despite my efforts in trying to be productive while I'm here (hello, errands!), it's actually been a very long time that mind has not been occupied by work! I've nearly forgotten other things that used to fill it like getting creative; brainstorming content ideas; learning new hobbies that I alway then put on hold. I think it's safe to say that I'm finding my way back as I am inspired once again to do something; for this platform; for the youtube channel; for myself.

Two months back I received an invitation from one of Macau's prominent social media channels to do a collaboration for one episode of a show they're doing about photography/social media content creation. I've long postponed my answer having no solid timeframe as to when can I fully commit to shooting. This time around I felt that I needed to something fun while I'm back and so on a whim I decided to just go for it. Pierre and I met with the two lovely ladies (you'll know soon enough) who are in charge of the segment and just like that we filmed for that particular episode. It didn't feel like a chore unlike the past few months that when I've been posting quite sporadically. Maybe this is it, once again. This is it.

I have a few more days before I head back to KL and I've already made a decision to just enjoy the rest of the weekend without pressuring myself to do create content nor to think about work. But Pierre and I did shoot some outfit photos which I will share with you'll soon enough. If I do feel like filming then perhaps I will. If not then, no big deal.

For now, I leave you with this set of visuals that Pierre and I took when I was last here. I've managed to change my hair color during this trip so the next you'll see me, I'm back to my original black mane. Perhaps it comes with age that I feel less experimental but more like classy. I know, shocking as it sounds, I'm all about clean and simple right now. Or maybe it's a phase. But then again I never stick to one particular style so who knows. Oh well.

Speak again soon!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Zara][Overalls : Bershka][Sneakers : Converse x JW Ansderson][Bag : Cheap Monday]

P.S. Have you seen the lookbook video where this outfit is featured???