The process of outfit shooting | LMV x Shoot and Chop

Been wanting to share these images with you'll for so long and if you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen some of them. But I held back as this is supposed to accompany a video that we shot for this particular collaboration with "Shoot and Chop".

A little background, "Shoot and Chop" is an online media that publish video content on Facebook. They cover lifestyle from local activities to food to creative individuals in Macau. So this collaboration was supposed to showcase how I (or Penguin more in this case, actually) take my outfit photos for Instagram from the styling thought and how I pick my backgrounds, etc. and these images are supposedly the result of that process.

Anyway, I really don't know when the video will be up, or if it ever will be as I have not heard back from the team in a while so I might as well just share the results with you.

I picked out three different locations to shoot at, mostly around the Taipa area, and one in Macau, Tap Seac area. Ideally, I wouldn't do that if I were to shoot for this corner of cyberspace unless I planned out multiple outfits for the day. My thought process is usually to match what I'm wearing with my surrounding so I come up with the outfit first then Pierre and I would just casually walk around our neighborhood and look for a corner or street that we think goes with my outfit. Sometimes, I have this vibe that I'm going for, like if I feel like wearing full-on streetwear items, then I definitely would take it to the streets and shoot somewhere urban-ish. 

For this shoot, however, I just picked out the usual areas that I find interesting and am always inclined to go to regardless of what outfit I'm wearing. The Albergue place and Taipa Village are my favorites because both places are always just so vibrant, full of colors, and full of life.

And here I'm just wearing something I would pick up if I wanna be comfortable walking the whole day, but at the same time still, look cool. Oversize everything is my thing but I kept this baggy button-up shirt open and wore a cute tank top to juxtapose everything else loose that's going on. Then I chose some classic pair of white Reeboks to complete the look.

Anyhow, I do hope the video goes up soon so I can share that awkwardness with you all as well. For now, tata!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Shirt: Zara Men][Trousers: Vintage][Sneakers: Reebok][Tank Top: SixtyEight][Bag: Guess] 


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