LONDON in Film | 2019 Flashbacks

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe I've been gone for over three months, gaahhhh. This is by far the longest I've ever been away from this little corner of cyberspace but to be honest, hello strangers! I can't say I regret it, though. Boy I've had a very very very busy 2019 almost to a breaking point and I badly needed to recenter and refocus myself towards the end of the year. But you know what, it was all for good. 2019 year was the year I grew a lot as a person and in my career so despite the ups and downs, moving and living between cities, sacrificing a few important things, and wearing multiple hats, I wouldn't have had it any other way. It's definitely a year top and looking forward to doing just that this year! In fact, 2020 is already looking so much better because Pierre has moved to Kuala Lumpur, right here, with me! I know, I know, so much has happened since my last entry but I'll find some time to tell you all about it in the coming days. For now though, I'd like to share visual flashbacks of what you might have missed while I was being a busy bee.

So, London.

I wouldn't share much about what I did work-wise but all the time in between, I was able to run around the city and revisit some of the places Pierre and I went to last we where there. Portobello Market in Notting Hill was of course one on the list of places to sneak out to and luckily, my friend-turned-colleague Clark and I got to visit on our last day before flying back to Kuala Lumpur.

While on the hunt for souvenirs and such, I came across this old man who was selling film cameras in really good condition and I got myself one on bargain. Made for the best purchase that day as I didn't need to buy any other souvenirs save for extra film rolls. It's what I used to take these dreamy retro-looking photos, certainly beating my perfectly curated and edited Instagram images.

Funny that I wasn't the only one into old knick-knacks. Clark was pulled-away by all these vintage stamps that she apparently collects. I was quite surprised upon realising that there are still people who collect stamps. But then again, there are still people selling them like there are still film rolls readily available. I guess some things will never fade no matter how old. Makes me happy to think so.

Then of course we struck a pose in front of this famous bookstore around the corner... can you guess which movie this was featured on? It's a no-brainer, really. I don't usually fall for tourist traps but I while I try to hide it, deep inside I'm a hopeless romantic and I thought the movie was romantic so you know, I just had to. 

Now, I admit that I get to enjoy travelling for work and the perks that come with it but I can't tell you enough just how exhausting it can get too. Don't believe so much that what you see on my social is everything there is to my travels because like everyone else, I generally only share the good side of things and not necessarily the bad side. It's not that I don't want to, it's just human nature - we tend to show only the good and hide the bad. It ticks me off when I try to explain my side of things to people who only want to see what they want to see. But anyway, I'm done with that. Here's to sharing what's real. Just like this mirror-selfie of how I really look like running around for work, jeans and hoodie clad, make-up free, with glasses on. This is the other side of me, ya'll. 2020, let's bring it!