Phuket Visuals | A Gorgeous Villa, Beach, & Boat Trip

A couple of months back, the company that I work for arranged for us to go on a vacation to Phuket. It's something that's always been something rumoured around the office but never really thought would happen until it did. And with that I can say us who went on that trip can consider ourselves the lucky bunch because with our teams growing in size, I don't think another trip like this would ever happen again.

We stayed at a private 10-bedroom fully-staffed villa in the southern part of the island, just in front of the beach. The package came with several amenities including a 1-hour massage for every person, daily breakfast, and of course full access to all the facilities including the steam room, jacuzzi, billiards, and the private swimming full. To say that I wasn't expecting this kind of accommodation setup would be a lie because the truth is I know that the company set aside a budget for this trip way before it even had dates. 

We were there for 3 days, 1 of which was dedicated to doing team building games and activities inside the villa. I don't usually partake in competitions (unless I'm competing against myself) but I discovered during this trip that I am actually a very competitive person.

The other two days, we went out to experience a little of what Phuket has to offer.

We did a full-day boat trip on this party boat called Hypeboat. In the morning, it took us to a small island for some beach-time. After a few hours, we headed back to the deck and the boat took took us to a snorkelling spot. There, we got to swim with fishes and other sea-creatures before the boat went on full-party mode in time for the sunset. In between, lunch and cocktails were served on deck. And for the rest of the time, we basked under the sun on these really comfy beanbags with a beer on hand. It was a really relaxing experience I should say. But with all the stress that work brought upon us just few months before the trip, I think the trip was much deserved, haha.

Photos by Yours Truly