Making Memories in Bali | A Life Reflection

Nearly a year has passed since I was in Bali with Pierre but time seems to have passed us by without really realising how quickly it went. And here I am just about to share with you this batch of images that we took, reminiscing while I'm at it, remembering all the beautiful sceneries; the sound of the waves crashing as we looked on the horizon waiting for the sun to set.

The corona virus that's sweeping allover the world today isn't boding well for the tourism of Bali at the moment, and for a lot of Asian countries for that matter. This worries me. In a few months' time Pierre and I will be back to this wonderful island with our families and friends to celebrate the biggest event of our lives but everything is reliant on the situation of this pandemic. I know it's still along way ahead and we've got time on our side but I guess the planner and worrier in me just can't help it.

This isn't the way I imagined I would share the news of where our wedding would take place. Two years ago I would have planned a dedicated post with accompanying images, most probably the outcome of a prenup pictorial. I still want it that way. But since moving to KL, I failed to realise until now that I've been changing; turning into a person that I don't really recognise. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still the same Carla that started this blog so many years ago. I still have the same energy, drive and passion, albeit poured into other things than getting creative and doing things for myself. Like blogging. Taking pictures. Dressing up. Travelling for fun. I think I've been in denial for the past months, unable to accept the fact that those have slowly faded away while I succeeded in other aspects of my life. The only thing that's keeping this site and my instagram account up and running is my inner creative, desperately holding on to the history of creating all these.

My peers consider me lucky for having a job that takes me to places and allows me to be in a position where I don't answer to a lot of people. And I don't disagree. For the most part, I'm thankful to be given this opportunity at my age. I know others have had to work long hours and way harder than I did to get to the position I am in. I don't deny that. But deep down I now know that I wasn't fully prepared to face everything that came with it. Spiderman got it right you know. With great power comes great responsibility. In my defence, I don't think I'm unqualified. I'm actually doing pretty well, thank you. The real question is though - do I really want this kind of lifestyle? If it meant unconsciously giving up all the things that I used to do and used to love doing.

I don't know the answer. And I won't know in a few weeks' time too. But the fact that I'm doubting my interest makes it an immediate 60/40 that I'm not willing to give up the kind of life that I lived longer than now. If that makes sense at all.

Anyway. I yield. Pretend that I'm back in Bali, away from the business of city work life, safe within the walls of our private villa in the heart of Uluwatu. Calm and peaceful.

And if I did go out, it would be to one of these Art Markets. My eyes and heart filled appreciation for the artsy fartsy knick knacks that Bali has quite become known for. 

Or we'd go to one of the forests or temples to monkey-watch. Take lots of instagram-worthy photos because that's just what I'd like to do. Not having to think about any responsibilities or anyone else. 

Maybe I just need another island getaway. But don't we, always?

Browsing through my archived post drafts I'm reminded of the excitement that I used to feel preparing each entry to share with the world through this little corner of mine in cyberspace; of being able to look back at the memories I made, with Pierre, be it travelling or the day to day #OOTD shoots we used to do. I never thought I'd be able to step away from all that. I guess my takeaway from this situation I'm is that yeah, maybe I can forget for a minute but I know I'll always have that in me that I will always keep going back.

Here's hoping to making more documented memories.

Photos by Pierre Elma and Yours Truly