Summer Travel Outfit Idea | Wrap Blouse + Short Shorts

It's Day 4 of the 14 day lockdown here in Kuala Lumpur but I can't believe I haven't opened this corner of the world wide web to check in with you guys. I'm putting Tiktok to blame. Ever since I downloaded the app before the lockdown as I've been seeing all these fancy Tiktok dance videos all over Instagram, out of curiosity went ahead and made myself an account, I have been addicted. So if you wonder what I've been doing the past three days of self-isolation - upping my Tiktok game! I'm inspired to create some fun styling videos now that I kind of know the app a little bit better so hoping I'll be able to share some over there and on IG as well. In case ya'll wanna follow along, username is the same @misscarlaviolet.

Speaking of styling, I wanted to share this easy outfit combination that I kind of go for whenever I travel to a tropical or warm place. I pretty much used this outfit combo on our recent visit to Singapore, which is a wrap blouse and high-waist shorts. Just throw on some sunglasses, a pair of sneakers, and you're ready to stroll.

Both of these tops are from Zara. I got them a few years ago on sale but I'm pretty sure it's easy to find something similar online whether from Zalora, Asos, etc. These were really trendy sometime ago and still are these days, but I've seen the way "influencers" style them nowadays are really creative. 

Personally, I like tying the parts that go around the waist into a side-ribbon than actually wrapping them around my waist. It feels more comfortable that way; easier to breathe in, and the bigger ribbon that it creates look cuter.

Anyhow, that's that.

Back to the topic of lockdown.
Was supposed to film and shoot a lookbook video today with Pierre (gosh, we haven't done so in a really long time); but alas, it rained. That will then be the activity for tomorrow. But, the can't stop me from filming some fun clips for Tiktok so that's what I'll probably be doing after this post.

Oh, and uploading a new video, the one from our visit to Putrajaya. So if you're bored and running out of stuff to do while social distancing, then head to my youtube channel to watch videos now!


Photos by Pierre Elma


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