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Helllooo beautiful people of cyberspace! It's been a real hot minute since I last posted, isn't it? Don't fret, I have not been lazing around during quarantine and as a matter of fact, I have been quite productive with getting myself in shape and in the right mindset. So my apologies if this corner seem to have been abandoned. I was just taking my time to reset my life goals, priorities, and realising what makes me happy every single day. This blog is definitely still a part of it all.

So what have I been up to? Well, first off I decided to revive my youtube channel!
I know, it feels like I never abandoned it in the first place anyway because from time to time I was still uploading travel vlogs. To me though, that wasn't really about up-keeping  but more like storing of memories, like an album, where I could look back from time to time and rewatch old clips. These days, I'm making a conscious effort to create content and videos that are detailed and insightful, and (hopefully) entertaining with the goal inspiring others and sharing what I learned in fashion and in styling throughout my whole adventure with you guys in this blog. You know, more lookbooks, styling videos, outfit ideas, etc. in video form. So yes, this blog is definitely the root of it all. Consider me just branching out. The image set from in this post is actually from my latest lookbook video so if you wanna go watch how I style my current overalls collection, click here.

What else? I've re-started my fitness journey. Since lockdown started here in Malaysia, I wanted to make use of the time at home to work on bettering my mind and body. That goes hand in hand, you know, and I feel that working out regularly does that for me. It helps me keep my mood swings in check and of course, my eating habit in check. Don't get me wrong, I still eat junk food. A lot by health standards. But I'm working to reduce that to moderate so we'll get there.

Now I can go on about this topic but I think that can be best reserved for another post. In this post, what I really want to focus on is (shameless plugging) my youtube channel. Would really appreciate if you guys go on and check it out, binge-watch my recent videos, like, comment, and subscribe!

Anyhow, that's pretty much it for today. Before I leave, I wish you all safety and good health! Malaysia has eased on the lockdown measures now but I'm sure that it's still not 100% safe out there and we have to accept the new normal of being out and about. I hope you're also taking this situation seriously whether you're still in home isolation, quarantine, lockdown, or free to go out. Be safe, stay safe. Talk again soon!


Photos by Pierre Elma


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