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Wednesday, March 2

Baby Pink

Completely obsessed with this pink bomber. I found them by accident. Scratch. Penguin actually found them by accident. So one day I passed by this store where I saw a lot of pink stuff hanging on the racks by the window. I was headed to meet Penguin then so upon meeting him, I dragged him to the store to check out said pink racks. Just as we entered he was like, didn't you see this? How could you have missed this? The perfect pink bomber right there on the mannequin. It's pretty plain I know but it's the closest that I can get to my most coveted Sorella pink bomber so yeah, how could have I missed it? Long story short, yes, I ended up going home with this instead of any other pieces from the said racks I planned to check out. That's just being us. Trust me, I can't go shopping with him (or should I say I totally can!) - we'll both end up broke.

Anyway on an unrelated note, ya'll have probably seen my youtube channel as I did share some of my travel videos here previously. Well, I'm pleased to tell you guys that I will regularly update this moving forward and share with you bits about my lifestyle, and most importantly my travels. Hopefully I get to visit more places this year so that I can produce more travel videos to share with you guys. Definitely Penguin and I have a few in the works for ya'll so please do subscribe. For now, as promised, here's a short compilation of clips of bits of my life here in Manila. 


Photos by Kendall Arevalo

[Jacket : M2&NANI&GD][Skirt : 3.3 Field Trip][Top : Forever 21][Cap : Commonwealth][Sunnies : H&M][Sneakers : Vans]


  1. Cute casual look girl, the pink bomber was a great find. Penguin must have a great eye. I love the pop of print in your sneakers as well.

    Princess Audu

    1. He totally does haha. Thank you Princess dear!

  2. In LOVE with this pink girl! Didn't know you were on YT so heading over now :) xx


    1. Been on YT for a while but am only active now. Thanks so much for subscribing, Charlotte! really appreciate it!

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