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Summer Travel Outfit Idea | Wrap Blouse + Short Shorts

It's Day 4 of the 14 day lockdown here in Kuala Lumpur but I can't believe I haven't opened this corner of the world wide web to check in with you guys. I'm putting Tiktok to blame. Ever since I downloaded the app before the lockdown as I've been seeing all these fancy Tiktok dance videos all over Instagram, out of curiosity went ahead and made myself an account, I have been addicted. So if you wonder what I've been doing the past three days of self-isolation - upping my Tiktok game! I'm inspired to create some fun styling videos now that I kind of know the app a little bit better so hoping I'll be able to share some over there and on IG as well. In case ya'll wanna follow along, username is the same @misscarlaviolet.
Speaking of styling, I wanted to share this easy outfit combination that I kind of go for whenever I travel to a tropical or warm place. I pretty much used this outfit combo on our recent visit to Singapore, which is a wrap blouse and h…

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