Carla Florendo, Filipino-born naturalized Chinese raised in Macau, established herself as a fashion and lifestyle blogger with Little Miss Violet blog. The blog was originally a platform to showcase her fashion interests but soon turned into a creative outlet that features her personal style as well as her travels, lifestyle and a little it of everything that catches her interest, mainly focusing on her own experiences.
She dreamt of becoming a fashion model or designer at a young age and so learned how to make dresses for herself. She soon realized however, that her passion for fashion was more on styling and actually making the outfits. In 2010 Carla established Little Miss Violet with the idea of creating her own personal look-book. From then on the blog has grown to have worldwide readership.
Throughout her semi-full time blogging career, Carla has worked on various projects and collaborations with International clothing brands such as H&M, Teva, Jack Wills, Shop Tobi, and Cheap Monday to name a few. She's also been featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Cosmopolitan India, Viva Dutch, Smile In-flight Magazine, and I Like MY Style Magazine. 

Having authored and styled outfits for Little Miss Violet for the past 3 years, Carla looks to expand her creative potential beyond her blog by writing for other platforms and doing collaborations.