Sunday, October 16


Hola! Quick check in with you guys tonight just to show you some gems that I brought home with me from South Korea.

Saturday, October 15

Work & Play | Jeju

Hey ya'll! I'm finally back home after two weeks of being away for work. But I'm not breathing just yet; I still have two events upcoming this week that I need to prepare for so this is just me checking in to let you know that well, I'm still alive despite my crazy working schedule.

Sunday, October 9

Frayed Denim on Frayed Denim

Hey ya'll! Checking in still from Jeju Island in South Korea. But nope, travel photos still not in as I haven't been able to sort them out yet. Here we are with a backlog instead, taken from two weekends ago when I went to Hong Kong with Penguin and his cousins to see Earth, Wind, and Fire. Boy, are they good, and I daresay Legendary!