Sunday, February 19

Summer Winter

Holla from Manila! Quick check in while I take a short break from  running around and getting mini heart attacks from all the mishaps this event has been having since day 1. Ugh, thank goodness I have this little corner of cyberspace to remind me that I still have a personal life, one that I love.

Thursday, February 16

Too late for CNY

Checking in from Manila, though this outfit was taken weeks back during the CNY holidays. It's just been a bit crazy at work these days with lots of events coming up and all that, plus of course I still try to maintain a normal social life so I've been kind of running here and there fulfilling duties. Anyway, now I have a little time to kill before I doze off and call at a day so let's chat for a bit.

Sunday, February 12

My City | My Style

Hey ya'll! Please forgive the short absence, I haven't been feeling well the past few days I think due to lack of sleep, and as you know my dedicated blogging time is usually late at night so I had to skip that for a while and just catch up on some much needed rest. Still not feeling better as we speak. I think it even got worse because Macau seems to be having a winter withdrawal that it's suddenly freezing cold these days, my throat is sore, my eyes are dry, ugh. Weather transitions in Macau is just the worst, trust me. But I still love this little city anyway.