Friday, May 27


Sunny Sundays call for easy breezy outfits. The trick of the trade if you're with skirts is a pair of billowy trousers or culottes. Pair it with a not-so-basic basic white top with a cut-out detail, chunky heeled sandals, rad summer accessories in animal prints, and voila, you're good to go.

Tuesday, May 24

Off Shoulder and Lace Ups

Oh dear Summer, I'm equally delighted and irritated of your arrival. Delighted because it's finally warm enough to wear cutesy breezy tops like this gingham printed flared off-shoulder top and these oh so pretty lace-up heels that have been waiting in their box since arrival in early spring for the right moment to be worn (Thank you to the Marc Fisher PR family for sending these from their Indigo.Rd line, by the way); Irritated because I don't like the icky sticky feeling that I get whenever I'm sweating and I'm all dressed up and made up. There's really never a perfect weather, not in Macau anyway so, what else is new?

Saturday, May 21

Got Your Attention

Making my way down town feeling everybody's eyes are on me in this Got My Attention Midi Dress from Tobi. Truth be told, I did get a few stares. But having been blogging for ages, I'm way past feeling bothered nor apologetic for what I'm wearing. Hey, I do me, you do you, cool?  Cool.