Thursday, October 27

Checking In | Sydney

Hello from the beautiful city of Sydney! I'm loving it here, specially the blue skies all day, everyday. Seriously, it's just perfect weather here all day long however chilly or sunny it gets, I don't find it at all too bothersome.

Monday, October 24

Jeju Blues

Finally, I am able to check in. Hello, beautiful people. I hope you still remember me. This is by far the longest that I haven't posted ever since I started blogging regularly and I have no excuses. Honestly, it's just been a whirlwind of a month; back to back events after events, projects, trips; work has pretty much consumed my whole being that I had was enough time to sleep and recover some energy, only to wake up the next day and continue with where I left off at work. But that's quite over... for now.

Sunday, October 16


Hola! Quick check in with you guys tonight just to show you some gems that I brought home with me from South Korea.