Wednesday, June 29


I love visiting the H&M showroom in Hong Kong to preview the latest collections to hit the stores. This time around, I got invited again to preview H&M Studio A/W 2016 Collection.

Monday, June 27

Home Sweet Home

I constantly daydream about beautiful places around the world, make it a point to travel as much as I can and be away from this little place that I call home, that I forget how charming it actually is, specially when the sun is out and blue skies are upon us. A stroll down Coloane on a perfectly sunny Saturday had me reeling memories of the  old Macau that  I came to know.

Friday, June 24


For someone like me who push away the idea of getting married as much as possible, I didn't expect how attending an actual wedding ceremony, one of my oldest, childhood friends' no less, can give me goosebumps and make me realize that I actually want it. Of course, not at the moment. But someday soon.