Tuesday, January 17

Arcade Era | Streetwear Haul Vlog

Quick check in with some backlog photos taken sometime last year during the holidays. The weeks since the New Year began are starting to pick up and I'm becoming rather pre-occupied with work again these days. I try my best to not make work as an excuse for not doing what I like, blogging included, but sometimes it isn't an excuse really, it just is. Makes me miss the times when all I had to worry about was what to do with my extra time when I was still a student.

Friday, January 13

Babe Alert

 No, I don't mean myself, I meant Kylie babe alert on my tee, duh! But thank you if you thought I'm a babe *wink*. Haha. Ok but seriously, I just had to cop one of the Kylie merchandise as soon as they restocked sometime back in December because the images are just so hot, I mean Kylie is hot. I don't mean to sound gay but I really just dig this girl's style so why not, right? I bought one for Penguin too because they come in regular streetwear sizes and by that I mean unisex. Besides, I've seen guys wear the stuff too, Tyga included of course, so thought to just pick one for Penguin and get in on the K bandwagon.

Tuesday, January 10


This is your midweek reminder that Smoking Kills according to my tee, or otherwise Fucking Rabbits and Hypebeast. If you must know, this collection dropped literally an hour before 2017 came upon us so if you were wondering what I was doing on the way to Parisian for our family countdown to the new year, I was on my phone shopping. Thought this design would sell out fast due to the hype but apparently, most hypebeasts are smokers. Hmm.