Wednesday, November 30

Cruisin' to Manly Beach

Alright, let's continue with my Australia travel visuals, picking up from where I left off in Sydney.

Sunday, November 27

No More Parties in Sydney

Quick update with this outfit that I always forget to share here. If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you've seen this look posted twice already. It's so much easier for me to update on IG more often than here because I'm always on the go and don't really need to think so much about what caption or how many photos to edit and decide to publish. Whereas if I'm blogging, I have to take a moment, sit down, and really work on the whole of it from editing the photos to what to write about.

Thursday, November 24

Streetwear Mod

I feel like I've been away too long from the blogger backend because I just realised it has a whole new look. No wonder I've been having problems with getting into my posts' editing tool lately. Hopefully this whole blogger update will be over soon. Give me my dashboard back!