Saturday, August 27

Shadows and Spots

There's something so cool about empty courts that the first thing that comes to Penguin's and my mind when we see one is to take photos, day or night. At daytime, this would have been a perfect background for a retro-inspired style post and I would have taken every opportunity to have made that happen if the courts weren't always being used. Alas, this part of our neighbourhood is always packed with people day or night; kids playing on the playground, the basketball court, the soccer field. 

Wednesday, August 24

Real Tight

Don't let your mind wander, I'm simply talking about what's written on my tee but in a more acceptable language, and well... my schedule. It's been a busy week so far, at work and with my creative life. I haven't even been with Penguin in like what, 5 days? And to think that I live just a mere 4 blocks away from where he does. That's how busy I have been. 

Saturday, August 20

Where all the real men at?

No offence to Tommy Hilfiger but HLZBLZ got the graphic slogan right <insert laughing emoji here>. And no, Penguin and I are perfectly fine, no cruel intentions meant right here, to him or to other guys. I just find my little crop top hilarious because I'm not the kind of person who use offensive words, at least not in every sentence that I say or so unless otherwise necessary so fancying this top makes me feel a little weird but at the same time liberated.