Tuesday, May 3

Shibuya | A Beautiful Mess

Checking in from Tokyo with a visual recap from our first day in the city. The weather was so bad that I was convinced it will go on for days. But we were able to stroll the streets of Shibuya regardless, and I'm glad that we did as we were able to capture the night lights and the organised chaos that it's known for from a different perspective.

Saturday, April 30

Girl in Transit

Kon'nichiwa from Tokyo! Checking in quickly with an outfit post, essentially what I wore to our flight here. As a style enthusiast, naturally I try to look as put together as possible no matter where I'm heading to. Flying is no exception, and since I have been travelling quite a lot recently, I think I have come to master the basic rules of dressing up for comfort without compromising style.

Wednesday, April 27

Strawberry Vanilla Sesame

Currently typing away in my laptop at the airport lounge as Penguin and I await our boarding time for our flight to Tokyo. That's right, we're going to Japan, baby! Cue in Craig David singing "What's your flava, tell me what's your flava?". I know, totally unrelated but  that's the first thing that popped my mind in thinking happy thoughts and upon looking at this outfit.