Tuesday, April 22

Sunday Funday

[Dress : MPT][Shirt : Bershka][Sunnies : Mango]

A quick hello to you all while I work the graveyard shift. Nothing new in that, I know, boo-hoo! But what I would really like to say is that in fact my inverted days seem to be doing me good - at least this time, for real. Not that Penguin being away for a few days make it better but there's time to kill, you know? And so I've taken authority back in our kitchen and started baking again. Obsessively, if I might add - if I could just get those macaron shells to stay put and puff...


But I'm optimistic. And to which I'd also like to say that if any of you guys have any good tips on French Macaron making 101, by all means do share.

Incidentally, I had the most wonderful weekend at the beach with the fam-bam. About time we went too! It's not as if ours was the best looking beach but who's to complain if the weather's just right and everybody's mood is happy as a bunny. Besides, it was Easter Sunday, and as Dad would have it, Easter is the most important week in the Catholic church. Well then, all the more reason to celebrate!

Here was my chance to wear this colorful printed dress that has been hanging in my closet since the dark days of winter. And as the day couldn't pass without being documented, I made my little brother snap these shots about. He's a good sport - didn't need much bribery. After that, it was all about eating barbeques and basking underneath the glorious sun. 

Anyway, what were you guys up to during the weekend? Talk to me now. =)

Sunday, April 20

All Gold Everything // ONecklace

I can't describe the awe I felt upon laying eyes onto this beautiful creation. It's simple, but that's the whole point to it. So little and so delicate, unlike the whole statement in-your-face pieces that I'm more accustomed to. The way I see it now, this kind is easier to incorporate into an outfit, much less to wear at any given time of the day (even in my uniform to work). Why didn't I have such ephiphany earlier, eh? I might have at least collected a decent few.

Enter ONecklace - the creator of this beaut. I swear I would have gotten a piece from their delightful product selection had I been given the chance. Especially the "Carrie" necklace a la temptress which honestly, I, like many other girls, have always wanted one. However this right here is a more personal choice, and I couldn't be happier to see Penguin's and my name engraved into two little gold-plated bars that I can wear as I please.

Further, what I like about ONecklace is the variety of designs they offer that one can easily choose from, suiting every budget. You have to admit, we all want a personalized jewelry one way or another... I think this is the perfect place to get one. They send it out to you extra special in a pretty gift box, as if someone really meant to send it to you as a present. And best of all - Free Shipping! Doesn't get better than that.

Thanks  ONecklace for this little precious! And stay tuned to see how I'll style this in an outfit post.

Thursday, April 17

Purple Blossoms

[Shirt : Romwe][Shorts : H&M][Heels : Queen][Sunnies : H&M][Bag : MPT]

Theoretically, day-offs are meant to give you a break from work. But in reality, it only means taking a break from one work to do another. In my case, I spent the entire day cleaning up my room from what seems like an eternal mess piled up after another; overflowing closet, used-up clothes hanging everywhere, mails and magazines to sort out, shoes to dust... pretty much everything in my to-do list that was put on hold for weeks came crawling out. So much for a peaceful rest. Ugh. Take it from me people, procrastination paybacks like a bitch sometimes - don't wait 'till it bites you in the ass.

As it is, I thought I'd be able to take some selfies yesterday. Instead, I picked up Penguin from work after my household tasks and had dinner out (as documented on instagram). Well you know... at least after a tiring, and proudly speaking, very productive day,  it ended quite well.

As for the photos - they were actually taken some few days ago. I couldn't help but feel ladylike in this floral shirt because it's so feminine and dainty (and I swear I can count just how many times I have associated myself with those adjectives). But let's be truthful ... sometimes spring blooms bring out the girliness in all of us - me included. So why not complete the look with some pastels and a neat pair of heels eh? If only once in a while.


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