Tuesday, July 26

Sporty Boho | New Vlog Post

Channelling both my bohemian and sporty side in this hot-weather appropriate outfit. I try to incorporate layers in as much as I can with my outfit but as much as I'd like to wear jackets, these days it's just quite impossible. This maxi vest is a perfect addition to my closet as I don't have a lot of outerwear suitable for summer. This is definitely going into my current wardrobe staples.

Saturday, July 23


I can't decide whether time passing by so fast is something that I should be thankful about or not. Everyday I pray that the days would race on until it's the weekend yet again but as soon as the weekend's here, I would reflect and think about how time flew without me moving in the same phase; like I was standing still. I don't know, I can't explain it. But I won't dwell on this too much so let's talk about this fashion trends and this outfit instead.

Tuesday, July 19

Irresistible Me | Diamond

Okay, let's head over to the beauty section of this blog for a few minutes as I talk about my daily hair routine in collaboration with Irresistible Me.