Monday, January 23

Where the sky hangs

Remember this post where I mentioned that my mom has always been into slip dresses and that I raided her closet to steal that blue piece? Well, turns out she has one box full of it that she doesn't use any longer because she has outgrown them. I told her that I stole from her closet and she goes out right saying I didn't have to because she's willing to give said box with all its contents to me. And indeed, it was full of gems, just my luck. 

Friday, January 20


I think I've been eating too much berries lately that it's manifesting in my outfits. Goes well with the gloomy weather in Macau though, don't you think?

Tuesday, January 17

Arcade Era | Streetwear Haul Vlog

Quick check in with some backlog photos taken sometime last year during the holidays. The weeks since the New Year began are starting to pick up and I'm becoming rather pre-occupied with work again these days. I try my best to not make work as an excuse for not doing what I like, blogging included, but sometimes it isn't an excuse really, it just is. Makes me miss the times when all I had to worry about was what to do with my extra time when I was still a student.