Learn to see light in the dark | Future World TeamLab Singapore

Pierre and I recently went to Singapore for a weekend and got the chance to visit one of TeamLab's iconic installations, at the ArtScience museum of Singapore. It's really travelling and getting to see art spaces like these that really gets me inspired to creating anything from shooting with Pierre again to filming and editing. That being said, I did vlog during the trip which I will share with you very soon.

Not to spoil the whole exhibition or anything but obviously you'd already have an idea what Future World (where Art meets Science) is all about if you're familiar, firstly, with TeamLab's works; and secondly, if you're visiting or have visited Singapore, you'd have seen on your research (very likely on Instagram) all these cool images taken by other visitors. I pretty much find out about all these things by looking through Instagram geotags so... but otherwise you can find out more about it here.

Our personal favourite installations are definitely The Crystal Universe where the above images where taken; The Universe of Water Particles and Transcending Boundaries, interactive and all; and The Lightball Orchestra.

But you knowing me, I'm drawn to anything colourful from light shows to street murals. Everything within the walls of this interactive Art-Science world is a thing of amusement that brought out the inner child in Pierre and I. 

If you're keen on visiting, FUTURE WORLD: WHERE ART MEETS SCIENCE is located in the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Best to prebook your tickets to avoid queues specially on weekends. 

Anyhow, happy to announce that I've started filming again these days so new videos coming soon! Will begin the tedious process of editing tonight and without distraction (hopefully) I'll be able to finish the Singapore vlog and have it up on youtube before the weekend!

Wish me luck.

Gahh, so happy to be blogging and vlogging again!


Photos by Pierre Elma

[Top : Zara][Shorts : 3.3 Field Trip, Aland][Sneakers : Reebok][Bag : Guess]