Mummy I lost a cam toy

Back at HardRock for Penguin's big 20!
This was taken months ago but that was a really eventful night.
When we got there, Che, Chi, and I went straight to the pool. There was this crazy pathetic mofo at the reception that made drove us mad... what a whackjob! Had so much fun tho'!
Wasn't able to take photos at the pool with Penguin's cam or iPhone (see below why). But these shots taken at the suite were pretty cool.

While everyone else were doin' their  stuff, I was fooling around with Penguin and his cam. 

Silly poses.
Anyway... crossed over to the Venetian and went to Bellini with Che and Chi, tho' I went back to the suite early. They stayed out until later and much to their enjoyment, met two cute and nice European guys. I enjoyed the rest of the night and we all went off to bed 'round 4a.m or so. I can't tell cos I fell asleep quite earlier than everyone else tho' I was awakened by bright sunlight coming from the windows at around 6 or so (sunrise). No one actually cared to close the curtains the previous night.

The next day, we all woke up in a good mood... only to find out that Penguin's iphone have been stolen. =( swear everyone knows who did it... 'fess up! you know who you are...

Too bad for us both.. he lost his phone... and I lost a cam toy (bye bye foolin' around with iPhone lomo app) =(