Summer in Subic

Sweet Getaway. photos by  Vana & The Penguin, Nikon DSLR.

Was playing around with Penguin's cam. Vana was supposed to be the model but it turned out he was a better photographer than I, while I was a better model (hahaha). Some photos we're taken by Penguin.

I was kinda embarrassed when they were taking these shots at first. haha! But I got over it and just had fun... 

Had a really great day that day. Tree top adventure in the morning... then went off to the beach after lunch. I give credit to Lu's uncle for being incredibly nice! (He had everything ready for us even before we got to Subic.) If only the whole trip turned out better. It could have been one of my most unforgettable *great* moments and not *regrettable* unforgettable. 
.......big sigh...... 
who knew, right?