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As usual, Wednesday afternoons are my favorite part of the week... If not hanging out the whole time with Penguin after class, I'm doing something crazy like flying a car or riding a whale. LOL... not. Well, good day though. Went to Venetian and did some trip shots with Chezka and Penguin after class today. But I won't be able to put all the photos right now cos I still don't have all the copies. Penguin has them and I was supposed to copy the files from his netbook this afternoon. But I was an epic fail cos when I went to see him supposedly to copy the files, I left my flashdrive back home. 
I'm loving the animal prints going on. This top was on sale at Mansi. I really liked the color so I bought it.
I got these pumps last month at Steve Madden in Venetian. One afternoon, I was walking around the Grand Canal Shops with Chezka and we found really nice high-heels at Steve Madden. We weren't supposed to buy anything that day but we both fell in-love with the stuff we saw there. So i got these zebra printed pumps and she got a snake-skin like high-heeled gladiator sandals. 
These photos were sent to me by him via MSN a few minutes ago after I begged him.
When I saw how I looked like in the photos we took this afternoon, I realized I really need to take dieting seriously. I'm gaining a lot of weight and fast! Plus, I need to do something about my hair cos its always a mess now... the back part is just not acting right anymore... Ugh... (feeling fugly).
Anyways... Later!


  1. I was about to buty a leopard shirt today ^^ I didn't do it, because I only have €20 left and I saw this aaaaaaaawsome jacket that I really want too ^^ x


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