Vana, Surprise!!!

Had a great time at Vana's surprise party @ Hard Rock. I had to go home early though... hate it when my condition comes in. Photo sneaks below:

So the plan was to bring Vana to Hard Rock without giving him a clue that we were throwing a party for him. Yo and Tin let him on by saying that they were going to one of Tin's friend's party... Everyone else was already at Hard Rock preparing...
bought a chocolate as a present for Vana. It was so last minute so Penguin and I were only able to buy what was left over at the bakery. Luckily it was a chocolate cake!
It's funny cos we lit all 20 candles when we thought the three were about to arrive. But after a few minutes, they still weren't there and the candles were melting on the cake already. So we had the chance of blowing the candles before the celebrant did. It was a bad idea to light all 20 candles so in the end, we just lit 1. 

Our dinner that night!
When they finally came... the lights were all switched off and no one was in sight. He was like "OMG... Why is it like this?" and we were all like "Surprise!"
I don't know if he really had no idea about the party but that's how he reacted then when he entered and we all sang "Happy Birthday".

I like this shot a lot!
The whole gang = DP circle...

Mi lovely DP ladies... taking a pose after shots of tequila.
Played around with Penguin's camera...

We had a crazy photoshoot that night. This is just one of the many shots we did. Will post more later. Photo credits to Catie
Got all these photos from Penguin's facebook this afternoon. We took pretty much a lot of photos with his cam last night. He didn't post everything on FB right away but said he'd be giving out copies soon, so I'll be posting more later on when I get mine. =)