I'm bored, let's go to Paris

Yeah, I wish it was that easy. Unfortunately my dreams of going to Paris is far from coming true just yet. Daydreaming is the my temporary solution to that.
On the bright side, I was able to rest today. After all those presentations and deadlines I had to do and meet last week plus exam. I was exhausted. Today was relaxing. I just stayed at home the whole afternoon, surfed the net, and pretty much just did "lazy". Besides, not only having nothing to do makes me feel right. I'm in the mood to be cos the cool weather is in =) I'm loving it! Time to bring out jackets, boots, stockings, and..... well, anything that I can wrap around myself with for the season... cardigans, blazers, scarves, and oh don't forget Ugg boots!!! (All my Ugg boots from last year are all too-used-up... remind me to buy new pairs).
Photo credits: Penguin, as usual =D
P.S. My hair is wearing me out. I'm in so much need of a new hairstyle. Help!