Shopping Picks

In my recent visit to the Venetian, I found a lot of things I so wanna have... as usual...
Wolford inner wears are so in my first list.
 coming on second are these shoes from Steve Madden
(I don't mean just a pair... I wanna have  'em all... like seriously... I'm so hoping I'm like Blair Waldorf rich... that I could buy all of these!)
A pair of those boots please!
 and a pair of those abstract printed flats too!
I've been seeing a lot of people from lookbook wearing shoes similar to this - leopard prints. Albeit having a pair is a must!
Anyways... I've been planning to lose a couple of pounds... I was thinking of going on a diet... 
But I can't resist stuff like these. Stuff at US mart are such temptations. Promise not to go back for a while.