Vana, Surprise... more

More photos from Vana's surprise party last Sunday. I got these copies from facebook which were uploaded by Bern, but from Penguin's Cam. Bear with my empty face cos I'm the only one not wearing any make up on that night. I'm actually considering buying some cosmetics for photo tripping like this... 
 I took these nice photos of Vana. I'm loving them so I'm posting them here. I'm thinking maybe I may actually have a talent in photography... haha.. NOT. It's just a thought. Don't take it seriously.
Below: The tabasco guy. I bet the room service people were pissed off with us that night. We were asking for a lot of stuff and one at a time. The first was tabasco I think... someone just called him the tabasco guy so room service was "tabasco guy" that night... and everyone just kept saying "hey, can we ask tabasco guy to bring ... blah blah blah".
This one's like a coke ad... the bottle's like in the middle and everyone at the background's so happy. LOL

DP's got this profile pic on facebook going on. I'm thinkin gof cropping this and making my profile pic too.
that's all.