Sessions with Chi and Che ~ II

As mentioned, here's one out the outfits I had during our session a few days ago. 
I've been planning on wearing this red top for ages and only found the time to do so during this session. It's nothing special. I just like the color is all. Its so red.
Something to look forward to...... Going to Hong Kong tomorrow. I haven't any money, but who cares? I need a break. Hope I'll be able to contact Maya tonight so I can go see her tomorrow when I get there... seems she's pretty busy at the moment =(
It has been a really busy week and right now I feel so exhasusted. Talk about getting panda eyes. This morning I asked my friend, Jolene, how I looked... and she told me "You have panda eyes"... =( that bad???
I can feel it though... Even my face is breakin out. Luckily, the weather's making me feel better. It's getting colder, yay!
Meanwhile, lookbook.... hmmmm.... still not much hypes =( But darn, it doesn't matter. I'm just doing what I love... enough to make me happy =D