something random

I've been busy these days. I'm not really sure how should I do this now. I wanna do a lot of things but I just don't have all the time that I need. =( Or I really just don't know how to manage my time?
Anyways, since I haven't been able to take photos for the last couple of weeks or so, I browsed through my ipod/laptop to see if I have some that I can post and came across these 2 (taken from Penguin's iPod). 

I gained weight, I honestly did. My face shows all the difference... haha. I should add "Diet/To lose weight" in my new year's resolution. But then I don't think I'll ever stick to a diet plan. I always plan but never really stick to my plan. I end up still eating a lot. So its pretty much pointless... =( Try my best, try my best. LOL
On one note, it seems that Penguin and I are looking very much alike the more we spend time together.

Anyhow... I'll try to take photos as soon as I can before the year ends =) It's almost New Year~~~ New Plans, New Beginnings!!! I'm looking at it positively. This coming year should be a good one for me! It Must!