just an ordinary day

Lately I'm starting to think winter's wearing me out. All I do is think about a long vacation at a beach somewhere, maybe like Koh Samui or Boracay. Summer's way away and I can't wait that long =(. While at work this afternoon, I've been searching flight fares and schedules. Ha! As if I can actually go for a vacation anytime soon. I can only daydream as of the moment. Laying on the sand under the sun... like.....

*Sigh*... summer will come.
On the good note, I'm actually looking forward to something exciting next month (Not my salary, which come to think of, I haven't gotten!)... But no... It may not be a beach getaway but apparently the world is getting smaller and smaller ~ Teresa is coming to visit HK and Macau! I know I haven't seen Maya since she got to HK tho' I've gone there a couple of times already since she arrived. So this time I'm really making seeing them both happen! February is just around the corner and soon I'll see me skitzo ladies!!! 
Speaking of skitzo, I'm so proud of what Tripxie has done with the song we're working on! (I know you read this blog so I'll write it down for you to see ~ I Love It!!!). Can't wait to hear it in a clear record cos its gunna be fantastic! I just finished listening to it and did it make me smile. I'm already under the covers, warmed up and waiting for my vampire diaries download to finish so I could watch but after listening, I wanna get up, sit in front of my keyboard, and play the song while singing (even if my voice sounds so horrible). But its cold.  The temperature and my laziness is overpowering me, so I'm staying under my sheets and in a few minutes after this post I'll be off to vampire land. Forget about my beach fantasies for a while. Toodles and goodnight. 

p.s. This post is pretty pointless but then what is not if not my whole blog =D