I don't really know what to write about today except that I had a great day hanging out with Penguin. It was so relaxing cos I had nothing to worry about, like finally, a day with no work, no school stuff, no house chores, etc. It was just all play. Perhaps I'm the laziest person in the planet cos all I ever thing about is days like today when I don't have to do anything but lay on the couch, turn on the TV and watch re-runs of Gossip Girl or a nice new flick like "the grown ups". But days like this barely happen. No matter how lazy I am, I still end up having to do a lot of things to please everyone. *Sigh*. That's life baby.
This year tho even with my already tight schedule, I still wanna add up blogging as one of my major to-do. I've mention this like a couple of times already in my previous posts and it may be kind of tiring to read about but still, I'm saying this to keep me reminded that despite the fact that I have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill, I should still be able to do what I love.

I've been browsing through some of my favorite blogs the past few days and I find myself inspired everyday. We all want to express who we are, what we want, ourselves, in man different ways. To some, it could be in music, others art. I've gone through "identity crisis" a lot of times trying to find a way to express myself. I too wanna express myself and through this blog I wanna do that.
I know my vocabulary bank is not rich (haha...) and my writing skills are poor but this isn't English class. I don't have that much readers I guess, even followers, but it doesn't matter. I guess what matters for me now is just that I'm happy with this.
Photo credits: Penguin
Cardigan: Stradivarius
Shorts: Pull and Bear
Boots: Nine West

So I'll keep doing what makes me happy =)