Super Monday, Super Fun! Yesterday I had the most wonderful day with Penguin and with my super lovely gorgeous friends. My schedule was pretty tight but I managed well even if I was only able to hang out with my Penguin for an hour and was a few minutes late for work. I rearranging my blog until late the night before last and I slept really late, hence I wasn't up until almost noon yesterday. I met up with Mr. P at 1p.m. and we had a nice lunch together. I was telling him about the blogs that I've been reading recently and there was one post I particularly liked (The Man behind the camera by Tieka of Selective Potential). It was about bloggers who had their guys taking photos of them. He was like "Did you ever think of featuring me in your blog?" and I was like, honestly, not really. But I do always mention him and I give credits to him for putting up with my troublesome butt when I ask him to take pictures of me, like yesterday. 

So now even if I don't have a post specially for him like the man behind the camera, I'm making it a point that he is well acknowledged and appreciated here =)

After work, I headed straight to meet my superfriends. Unfortunately we couldn't hang out as planned as Chezka wasn't able to bring her car. But that did not ruin the night for us cos we had the most amazing time just being silly and vain. We had dinner and afterwards, went to those Japanese photo-booth places to take sticker photos but we weren't satisfied with how the sticker photos turned out. So I had my phone, and we just played with the Lomo app and that made our night complete =) --> Our photos area in my facebook
I was gunna write about about it last night but I was too caught up uploading our photos on facebook, adding comments, and looking through them all over and over again that by the time I was done, I was too tired to blog so my own photos had to wait till now. But well, here they are, and I gotta get going as well. Another day, another story. Hope today turns our better.