good day yellow

The fourth day of the month is always a special day to me, and that's today. I was in a good mood and wanted to keep it going all day so even in what I wore I had to show it. I chose to wear this bright yellow jeans and zebra print oversized top which I got from my mom's store last winter. 
It's Chinese New Year so every member of our household is on holiday and what's the better way to spend quality time is to be at mom's shop re-labeling the clothes on sale and re-stocking almost empty racks. It has been like this during our holidays ever since mom opened up this little boutique of hers. After taking pictures of clothes that I'm to upload for the shop's facebook page, I dragged my brother and asked to take a few shots of me before my phone's battery completely died. On a regular occasion, I would have been so bored staying there all day without much to do but since today I told myself I wouldn't let my good mood slip so I kept up.

On a very much unrelated note, I accidentally deleted my lookbook account so... bye-bye lookbook for me. I'm thinking of creating a new one but I just did on chictopia recently and I'm beginning to think that keeping up this blog is already a task to me since 1.) I don't really have a real camera, 2.) I don't really take pictures regularly, and 3.) My wardrobe my not be so updated with the latest trends, so what more if I had three? (Chic + Lookbook). So, still thinking about it.

Anyway, that's the latest. BTW, gotta thank Penguin for these amazing wedges he bought me. So sweet! I never really doubt his taste =)


  1. I love the combination of the print and the yellow! Bold but cute

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