outfit #4, flowers+polka

Alright there lovelies, my next-to last look for the fedora hat challenge is this.
My forgotten item here is this floral oversized cropped top. It's from Cotton On, a shop I discovered one time I was shopping with Penguin in Hong Kong. I fell in love with the floral prints although when I bought it I already doubted whether or not I'll be able to wear it as I had no idea how I'd style around it. I've never used it before.
I'm pretty excited for spring/summer as I'd like to dress up like this as much as I can. I'd like to get out of my comfort zone and dress more feminine.
On an unrelated note, I received my 2nd blogger award today, thanks to the very lovely Brittany of http://missbrittanyboo.blogspot.com/ for nominating me. She has a great blog, make sure to check her out. After receiving the stylish blogger award, I never expected to receive another one and so soon, and so I'm very touched. Thank you so much MissBrittanyBoo and my lovely readers! I'll be posting more about the award after my post of outfit #5 for this challenge.

Kisses from Carla


  1. Wow... cute outfit!

    It seems like you live in a really warm place!


  2. Thank you.. no actually, it's really cold here.. I had a cardigan on and just removed it when taking the photos =)

  3. Your welcome... I was wondering where is Macao located? and I really love your style!


  4. Thanks for letting me know =)

  5. LOVE this outfit Carla, you styled the sweater perfectly!!! You have inspired me to try scrunching socks with my JC wedges. Love it xo

  6. like ur blog a lot.ur style is so cool yet chic.
    keep up with the good work


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