I was shopkeeper for today at mom's store. My Penguin kept me company for a few hours though unfortunately he had to leave me and be on a date with his mum and sisters. Had him take pictures of me before he left.

Today's a Saturday an unlike my usual weekends, I'm stuck at the shop. I'd usually be out with Penguin or friends on a Saturday lunching out, window shopping, etc. But since it's still Chinese New Year, most shops and restaurants are closed, and if there were any open ones, prices of goods and services are doubled. Therefore it's pretty much useless to go around specially that there are a lot of people roaming around with nowhere to go; most people are on a holiday and would rather not stay at home even if there wasn't really much to do outside except to walk.

So as for me, I stayed at the shop all day and took pictures of myself and anything worth taking pictures of. Happy last day of Chinese new year and best luck for the year of the rabbit!


  1. Thanks for your comment!
    I love your shades!
    By the way: I think I'm born in the year of rabbit ;-) Does that mean anything special for me this year?


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