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There's a reason I've been lacking in post lately - my computer to blame. I mentioned I'm in need of a new computer, didn't? I still love this tiny Pink Acer netbook of mine but honestly, it functions slower than a turtle now. I still have photos piled up that I wanna post but I can't edit them nor have I not even begun sorting them out because everytime I try to open the folders or photo editor, this thing just freezes. Tonight's one of rare occasions that it's working on an acceptable speed so I take this opportunity to do a quick post about my feature at Teen Vogue's Snapshot Blog on their website as "best dressed reader of the day" for May 6. It's not a very big feature but I'm definitely thrilled! If you've been here yesterday, you may have already seen the link on my sidebar because I had it up there as soon as I saw this on teen vogue's website. A post about it is really kinda late already but because I'm so happy and exited about it for some reason, I wanted to share it to you darlings! Please check out the website to see this post and the other awesome people who got featured as best dressed readers!

I'll be posting more, I promise - I'll figure out how I can get a new computer fast or at least get my current one working faster! Have a wonderful week everyone!

 Carla Violet 


  1. I actually heard about your blog via Teen Vogue, and I love it! Those pants are so adorable!
    Bella <3

  2. If I were featured in Teen Vogue I would be so thrilled and excited as well. :) Congrats! You deserve it you fashionable lady you.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  3. AnonymousMay 08, 2011

    WOW! Congrats :)


    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

  4. congrats on your feature :)

  5. Gurr congratulations you deserve it!! Love your pants :)

  6. congrats with the feature! :)

  7. awww congratulations! you rocked that outfit!!


  8. congratulations! that's a beautiful outfit :)

  9. i discovered you on teen vogue! i adore your blog!

  10. OMG..!!!
    fall in love with your pants..looks great on you

    already followed your blog
    wish you can follow me back
    thank you :)



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