Hello darlings. I just wanted to share the photos from the other night when I went clubbing with my friends. Supposedly it was ladies night but we were nonetheless joined by our guys so let's just say it was a regular night out.

We went to Cubic (my first time after it has re-opened in its new location at COD). Being that I haven't partied in while, I had a blast. The best part is that I got to see the lot I haven't seen in a while, like Chinkee and Meg. Anyhow, I won't make this longer than it already is. Stay tuned for my style roundup coming up on my next post.

 Carla Violet 

photos courtesy of Eurica

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  1. seemed super fun Carla! And thanks for your Vedette giveaway, I received it a week ago and it's brilliant! Many thanks and hugs!


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