At the Shop

Yes, my mom's shop is on a big sale! Lots of cute dresses for summer. If you're from/in Macau, feel free to drop by and maybe you'll find something of interest! I'm sure you would. I was shopkeeper for the day and like usual, whenever I'm there, I browse every item that's in the racks and see which I can take home for myself. It's my only perk cos after all, I'm not paid doing the job. Haha... (More >>>)

Anyway, I had the camera with me so I toyed around with it and got myself a few shots... this isn't really my typical outfit post but the past few days has been a little hectic for me, with errands to do and work. But I promise, in the following month, I'll have more free time. I know that for sure cos I already got my new class schedule! As much as I hate to admit, I do miss school... Now I can't wait!

Cheers, Carla


  1. I like your outfit! The stripy skirt is very cute and looks great with the blue top.


  2. hey hey! may i know where the shop is located??? i'm just in hk. will be there in macau next month! would love to drop by. :)


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