It's a little blurry but that's OK

As you've seen from my post earlier today, this is what I was wearing. Sorry the photos are a bit blurry - these shots were taken in a rush. I love the lighting effects though. Anyway, it's about time I brought out these booties again. I don't know why but I appreciate them now more than I ever did. There's something about lace up boots that lately I'm so into them.
On another note, I wanna share with you guys something really stupid that happened to me today... Really! Last night I studied so much for my supposed exam today which was marketing. This morning I found out that the exam I had today was actually law, and marketing was on Friday! Like, what? Well, fortunately the law exam was open book. While at the bus stop, I double checked my schedule and that's when I saw it. Luckily I hadn't gotten into the bus so I rushed back home to take my law notes, books, and handouts, before I headed to school. On top of that, I was already running late! Can you believe my luck? I had to literally run back home like a crazy lunatic. I arrived at school 5 minutes late for the exam. It was ok, but the exam, well, I can't say it went well. I was able to answer of course, but... let's just see what happens. Ugh. I'm that careless, really.
So yeah, haha. Hope that doesn't happen to you guys!

Cheers, Carla

on me://earrings and necklace - Cotton On//Top and Jacket - MPT//Boots from a local store//Jeans - Seventeen//


  1. Love your necklace!

  2. Its the worst when that happens with exams!! I have nightmares about that!! Im sure you still did well, you at least had your notes.
    I really like these pants on you, and thats a cute jacket. Love the scrunchy face in that one picture, it's cute!

  3. the photos turned out good sans the blur and i have those moments too. waking up early only to find out it's my rest day and work starts in the next 24hrs.

  4. Great i really like it ..LG DENISE

  5. love this look! :)

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  6. Love the rocker look... its fabulous! xx

  7. I'm certain you'll be fine on your exam, but, yes, what a crazy stuff happened to you... Anyway, loving this look, and the boots are gorgeous!
    Good luck!

  8. Your jeans look as if they are acid wash? Welllll if they are I'm pretty jealous!! Lol I've been trying to get a pair of acid wash jean for the longesttt time, but I'm sadly finding it hard to find my size. Cute outfit though (:


  9. Oh that sucks, but maybe you had good luck and you're getting a good grade and now you'll be extra prepared for the marketing exam. Love those boots and your jeans!

  10. Cool your jeans & jacket!

  11. love those pants


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