New Stuff and hey, checkout my shoe closet!

//Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist//
All Thrifted -- Leopard Print Makeup Pouch//Zebra Print iPhone case//Snakeskin print
Belt//Leopard Print Scarf//
Cross Pendant + chain from a bazaar recently//
Corset Bustier courtesy of Vedette Shapewear//

In a previous post where I talked about cleanin up my shoe cabinet, a reader requested for me to show my shoe cabinet. Well, I tell you it's not so grand and my shoes are all just the basic stuff. The last time I mentioned I had like, 35 pairs? Err, I kinda counted quite incorrectly so scratch that. Let's just say I have over 35 pairs, most of them you'll see in the following pictures, while others are lying about somewhere here at home, waiting for me to find them wherever I left them. If i remember correctly, I still have a pair over at Chezka's place from when we took some outfit shots some months ago - I remember using it then leaving it at her place cos I changed shoes afterwards.
Here's everything that I could gather and anyway I'll just share with you guys (here's to Chyrel  - thanks for the request!)

Here's the tiny cabinet. It's actually a big closet but my shoes only occupy the lower part and the boxes are stored on the upper part

Here's one drawer of the cabinet containing some old shoes that I've totally already forgotten about. Those silver/transparent ones were the pair I wore for my 18th birthday or more specifically my masquerade "debut" soiree.  Look how dirty and ugly they've gotten now. I only used that pair for one night and totally forgot about them right after. It's been three years since the party so you can just imagine why it looks that way. Poor little shoes. They made me feel like Cinderella when I wore them (it used to kind of look like a pair of glass heels... hehe)

Here are two other shoes I found lying about the house.

And here's me after taking pictures of the stuff above =)

Cheers, Carla

on me://cotton on earrings and necklace//jacket and top from MPT//


  1. im lushing over your new stuff and your shoes! i still cant get over your shoe collection!

  2. Yey! I love your shoe cabinet, Carla! Mine's nothing compared to yours! I'm still not over it, too! Haha!

  3. love the belt and necklace! xx

    Hope we can follow each other?

  4. Nice shoes.. love the belt, leopard scarf, & corset!

  5. I'm super jealous of your shoe collection.
    Thanks for checking out my blog! Returning the love :)

  6. I'm so jealous!
    I definitely dont have that many shoes!
    District of Fashion

  7. Cute post, I love all the shoes :)

  8. How does a 21 year old have a better shoe closet than a 30 something? LOVE!-Jessica


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