Happy New Year - Best of 2011

Happy New Year darlings! 2011 has been wonderful for me and I hope it had been for you too. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone of you who's been with the blog from the very beginning until now, and hopefully you guys will continue to support me even though I'm not the best blogger in the world. Sometimes I feel that I don't deserve to be a blogger at all but all of your comments and feedback are what's keeping me up and running. I never thought I would make it this far but I did and I wouldn't have done so without all of you, Thank you!!!
I have one other thing to mention - I would never have gone through a year of blogging without Penguin, my love, my bestfriend, and my number one fan =D. The blog would not really exist without his help, so thanks babe.
Now this may bore you but I combined some of my favorite outfit photos of the past year. These serve as inspirations to me. I like looking back and seeing how much I've changed, made progress, and how can I be better. You've seen most of these photos already but I'd like to share them again with you.

January - February
The first months that I started doing outfit posts after the world of personal style blogging was introduced to me.

I was asked by i Like My Style Magazine to do an article for them with a fellow community member. It made me even more passionate about my blog, hoping that I'd get more opportunities like that.

I started making clothes again (DIYs), but this time, I made clothes that are wearable and something that I can post about. I started receiving awards too, and even though they aren't really that big, I felt that they were special because it shows that people appreciate and like what I do.

I hosted my first ever sponsored giveaway, thanks to a company that contacted me to do a product review. Of course I was very happy. That same month, I received my personal copy of i Like My Style Magazine, the issue with my article in it.

I announced my first ever giveaway winners and it felt. I did major changes on the blog - new layout, new look, new feel - I was not satisfied until I could come up with a neat and professional looking blog.

I started getting featured in website like Teen Vogue. I never expected anything of the sort but of course I was so so glad and I want to push even more.

Like I said, it's been a great year. Of course, it wasn't perfect, there were ups and downs too. But I won't regret anything that happened in 2011. I hope that 2012 will not only be the same, but will be way lots better - that goes to all of you too!

Cheers to a new year good health, happiness, and success!



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  2. Great post Carla and love the over all recap it looks stunning =) Also, Happy New Year to you too =)

    Also, I wast to take the time to say thank you so much for all your support and you lovely friendship. You were one of the first ever friend I made through my blog and I am really happy that I got the opportunity to meet you (hopefully one day we will meet in person) Other than than that wish you all the nest for 2012 and take care =)

  3. You absolutely deserve to be a blogger! You're the best, sweetie, and your blog has been a tremendous inspiration to me! :) You're awesome, but you already know that :)
    Good luck, and have a very Happy New Year!


  4. great post! filled with inspiration. i really like your outifts!

  5. Ahh you are so amazing, this post is so visually awesome. I love every outfit, you're an amazing blogger, can't wait to see more from you in 2012 :)

  6. Just found your blog and I love it! I'm your newest follower! Happy New Year! :)


  7. Great post, all the outfits are lovely!

    Happy new year :)


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  8. 2011 has been a really succesful year for you ! hope 2012 is going to be a more succesful year :)

    ahm; little question, how do you do the collage ? :) thanks !

  9. Wow! Kudos to all your effort with this post. I wanted to do this pero I'm sooooo lazy. Haha! :)


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