Playing with photographs II

We live in bliss but we only realize that until later; when photographs remind us of what was then, how we were, who we are, and what we've become. 

My Penguin then, my Penguin now, my Penguin for ever

Superfriends living the life like in a movie

i Like my Style... go F yourselves haters!

I will travel the world soon with my love

And I continue to dream...

We used sit around and nobody cared

Continue capturing moments. And when we look back 20 years from now, you'll see why it was worthwhile.


  1. Great photos!! One of my favourite things to do is look through my old pictures to see how everyone has changed/stayed the same

  2. Hi found you on IFB. These photos are great. Yeah pics are great to look back at over the years. You never know what'll change. Happy New Year!! :)

    Sing Simple

  3. nice shots !!!

    you look so cute with ur penguin ! :)

  4. These are amazing photos! So inspirational and fun.

    Alexandra xo

  5. hi:) thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
    I've just had a look at yours and it's amazing!!keep going!I'll add it to my follow-list


  6. great photos! the glasses in the first picture are amazing!

  7. ohh. okkk. i use photoscape too, my only problem is the page size, but i found out how to change it now :) thanks :)

  8. Cute glasses, cute photos :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  9. Great photos! Are you from Macau, Philippines? Just making sure because it gets to hot and humid there, I wonder how you are able to dress in layers....But the looks you put together are very levely.-Jessica

  10. I ADORE your photography! I was just showing this to my friend, and we both agreed what a fantastic sense of effortless styling and photography you have! Really great pictures!
    Good luck!

  11. Great photo set, Carla! Also, I noticed you have a new header. Maaaan! I was away that long? Love it! nothing but good vibes, yes? :)


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