Wearing Mom's and Dad's

Who needs vintage stores when you can already find great vintage pieces from your parents wardrobe? Yep! I'm wearing my mom's and dad's clothes. The shirt is my mom's - one of those that I found and I told you about in a previous post. I like its print a lot - floral! The sweater, I found in dad's closet. I know it's big, but you might have noticed I have a thing for oversize things and menswear. Anyway, what do you think of this look?

Cheers, Carla

on me://Sweater - Versace (dad's)//Shirt - DKNY (mom's)//shoes - ladies' market, HK//Sunnies - Cotton On//
Photos by Penguin


  1. I just adore your outfit!! The oversized sweater is amazing! x

  2. if only my mom and dad still had their vintage clothing. i could have been a happy camper right now. haha!

    happy new year, carla! :)

  3. It's so nice!
    Great job! :)


  4. great finds! I love finding old stuff of my mums to wear, and must admit, I too have a few of my dads t-shirts, all about the oversized menswear! you look gorgeous! xxx

  5. i hate it that my mom threw away all her 'fasyon' clothes. Lucky you!

  6. This look is so amazingly effortless looking. I love the oversized sweater with the floral button up underneath! SO amazing

  7. Love the vintage look! Its funny and awesome what you can find in mom and dad's closet! xoxo


  8. I love to find great vintage pieces in the closet of my mother and my grandmother. These are the pieces that I have them love. Nice outfit ;)

  9. i love the outfit! especially the sweater.

    i really like wearing sweaters over shirts so you can see the collar. so pretty!

    love your blog
    x Victoria

  10. Great thinking on "shopping" at your parent's closet! Well, my parent's live quite far away, however, I often dig in to my hubby's closet for some nice menswear shirts :)
    I absolutely adore what you found and styled here! You look super chic and stylish!
    Good luck!


  11. How convenient to just go into your parents closet lol. I love how the its a floral collar as well cause its a cute detail (:


  12. Beautiful look I love oversize sweater's I use my brothers sweater for a look check it out kisses


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