An American Affair

I'm not the kind of person to learn a lesson by being judged and told. Needless to say, the last time I wore a "patriotic"  jumper on the blog, I was bombarded with negativity on some Facebook page I didn't even sign up for. I'm not American though I secretly wished I was, not because being Asian isn't cool cause heck, we rock!. I only longed for a reason to explain my obsession for American flags ergo my penchant for the apparels. But wait... who ever  said I have to? I can want what I want without explanation and the rest of the photos are proof. Sorry to disappoint those losers but much to their chagrin,  I'm still rather amused. 

Yesterday afternoon, I happily wandered around in short shorts and this USA tank top. It's a warm day, people! And yes, I'm aware that I talk about the weather more often that I wear high heels, but I do appreciate a fine day when I can both cover and bare my body at the same time. Don't we all? It's one of the many reasons I want to move to California with Penguin. The main to be reunited with my other self, Desiree. Another to chase our dreams. Although really, I think I watched too much of The Hills, it has gotten me a little mental. But you can bet my American affair doesn't stop here. Don't even get me started on burgers and fastfood, save for another day.

And while my musings don't benefit you at all, I'd like to thank ya'll for reading my posts(if you do anyway). But if you like photos rather, feel free to check out Penguin's tumblr by clicking here. I'm not the only one obsessing, you know (the New Era snapback is his). It's safe to say he's got better taste than I, and I'm proud. 

Cheers, Carla

Photos by Penguin and yours truly
On me://Blazer and shorts - H&M//Top and connector ring- Forever 21//chunky ring - MPT//USA jumper - Friendly//Denim shorts - American Eagle//clutch - Millie's//Frames - Shirt - Can't Two//Skull necklace - Cotton On//USA heat necklace - Forever 21//


  1. Gorgeous post, your brown heels are fabulous :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  2. Fuck yeah (pardon my french xD) but of course you can wear what ever you want, is nobody's bussiness, and so what if you love the states? is not like you can't love more than one country at the same time :) love your shirt and the american flag sweater is awesome!

  3. Haha, hey, the American flag makes for a cool print! I'm quite proud of it, and I love that you enjoy rocking it. That top is a great statement tee! I love the other American prints shown here too, that sweater is awesome! <3

    Trendy Teal

  4. your shoes are amaziiiing! love love love the american flag print- it never gets old! i am sooo jealous of your sweater! xxx

  5. People are SO ridiculous! Why should it matter that you love american flag print? It's awesome. I wore a blue polka dot skirt, and a striped red top last summer and it looked great and I realized I looked like a giant flag.
    You rock, Love your shorts and your top!!

  6. people can be so close minded sometimes.. just wear what you want and set your own fashion statement. love your ensemble in the first pic!

  7. You look awesome dear and just don't mind the idiots! (cuz that's who they are) Love the cute american flag heart. :)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog sweety! Hope I see you again soon. :)

  8. Hahaha! I really like this post. Unapologetic and raw! Cheers, Carla!! You look great anyway! No more explanation needed.


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